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Gasoline – A Complicated Process

In most cases, when you need gas, you simply drive to the gas station, fill your vehicle, and drive away. There is little else required. Perhaps the next time you begin to fill your car, though, you should consider how the gas actually reaches your local gas station.

You're probably familiar with the fact that gasoline begins as crude oil. A natural resource, crude oil is pulled out of the ground in a variety of places around the world. Formed as a direct result of the compression and heat of natural materials over the course of time, it is extracted through a variety of constantly developing techniques and methods.These are being changed and enhanced by companies like Heartland Energy Development Corporation on an ongoing basis to ensure nothing is lost in the process. Currently, about 40% of the crude oil in any given area can be brought to the surface.

Once extracted, it is sent to oil refineries, which use a number of processes to create the gas you put in your car. Crude oil contains a number of hydrocarbons, and in order to make it useful, each of those must be separated. The first step in this process is fractional distillation, or heating the crude until each hydrocarbon becomes a vapor. Because the hydrocarbons all become vapors at different points, this makes them easy to separate. The vapor form is then cooled and properly mixed with other substances to create the desired octane level of gasoline.

As the demand for gasoline for a wide menu of purposes increases, so too does the demand for better extraction and refinery techniques and companies like and oil producers like Heartland Energy Development Corporation continue to be key contributors to domestic production levels and in turn help to Heartland Energy Development Corporation are at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure that from extraction to refinery to your car, oil neds across the globe are met.

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